2014: The Year of My Much-Less-Important-Renaissance


I hereby declare 2014 to be the year of my Renaissance.

There. You heard it here first.

A little bit about me: last May I finished my Masters in Visual Culture, which is basically the history and anthropology of design. Surprisingly (HA), as much as I love my field, I was not bombarded with job offers, and was chucked into unemployment. Now luckily, I have parents who graciously provided me with a roof and food and company- if not enough laughter at my jokes- while I tried to find a job.

FYI, my jokes are hilarious. No matter what anyone says.

Unemployment was…fine. Like I said, I had a roof and I had food. One cannot scoff at that! I got to help my sister plan her wedding. I got to travel to Haiti. I got to reconnect with old friends. But unfortunately, and quite ironically, unemployment fosters complacency. Frankly, and quite melodramatically, it’s hard to get out of bed  when you don’t have anything to wake up for.

But along came 2014, and with it, my Renaissance!*

I miss being a student. Learning. Stretching my brain. My mother always reminds her four children to “Use your brain!”as we walk out the door. But lately my brain hasn’t been seeing much action. Last year I started learning French- a job wanted someone who could translate French. I lost my steam however. No longer, I say!

I saw the new year as a chance to start new habits. Habits that would ‘use my brain’. Habits that would get me back in shape. Habits that would make me a champion! (A champion of what…I don’t know, but definitely a champion.)

Learn a language. I’m learning French, and flirting with German. I love learning both of them because I think they sound beautiful. Not coming out of my mouth, but beautiful. I’m waiting for that day when I suddenly sound Parisian. It will happen. Just you wait.

Read everyday. I am a classic case of Netflix-binge-watching-life-splosion, and I would love for Netflix to stop recommending me My Mob-Boss Husband Bakes Cakes, or some equivalent of that, so I am turning to reading! My goal is to read a book a week with the hopes of it becoming second nature. Take THAT, Netflix!

Iwanttoloseweight. I know! I know! Everybody says that one. But my family is plotting a RAGNAR Relay for 2015, and I would love to not let them down! For those of you who don’t know, these races are overnight relays done in teams. Our race would stretch from Miami to Key West. So there’s that.

Design. My Bachelor’s degree is in Fashion Design, and it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to use it. In my NYC apartment, there was no space for anything but myself, a bed, a chair, and my thoughts, much less a dress form, a sewing machine, and a computer outfitted with the Adobe Creative Suite. I would like to be creative again.

So crank up your Eye of the Tiger”, and let’s get this party started.


*Every time I type it, I feel like I should throw my fist up in the air. I’m pretty sure Michelangelo didn’t do that though.


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