Was it really worth debating?

She heard a woman’s voice call out, “cleaning crew.”

“Um….someone is in here?” she called from the bathroom stall. Confused why this woman felt the need to announce she was cleaning.

“Ma’am? Are you aware this is the men’s bathroom?”

“No…I don’t think it is,” she state matter-of-factly.

“….yes. It is.”

“…There were no urinals or anything.”

“Ma’am, I’m looking at the urinals.”

She flushed the toilet and crept out. There they were. Four urinals. Laughing at her. So she did what any normal person would do.

She ran past the cleaning woman, and out the door of the Zappos outlet in Louisville, KY.

*The heroine of this story was definitely NOT me on my drive to Wisconsin, and definitely NOT as much of a dummy as she seemed.

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