Well, I’m back.

Well, hello!

Last time we saw each other, I just moved to a new city to start my new job, it was never not-freezing, and I was settling into my new apartment. Now that I have started digging myself out of the “new job” doldrums, I decided it’s probably a good idea to stop neglecting my blog.

Quick update!

– I have a garden! Everything is trying its hardest to die. And all weeds really need to grow is for you to not look at them. Then turn around, and BAM! Weed-jungle.

– I am presenting some textile-history research in California in a couple weeks. And yes, this blog post is a procrastination tactic.

– I’m currently deciding what I should have for dinner tonight. And I just finished my Charles James jigsaw puzzle.

So, all in all, I’m a raging party-animal.

One of my favorite things to do when I was an NYC-resident was wander The Strand Bookstore for hours and hours and hours, which inevitably lead to self-conference in an abandoned aisle, deciding which five books out of the seventeen I had in my arms (mostly not an exaggeration) were actually coming home with me.

I originally picked up Dior Impressions, a book that made the cut, for its gorgeous cover. This week, I picked it up off my bookshelf because I realized I just hadn’t seen it in awhile. We needed to reconnect!


I was once again struck by its stunning photos, and the undeniable relationship between fashion and art.

All my research papers had a habit of focusing on the anthropology and social significance behind commonly used fabrics. Exciting, right?* But flipping through Dior Impressions, the companion catalogue to the similarly named exhibition at the Musee Christian Dior, I was struck by the beauty and craftsmanship of the textiles implemented in these designs. Frankly, I just like staring at them.

So as my first post back from a five month “I have a real job now” sabbatical, here are some pretty fabrics/fashions to brighten your day:

10369896_826444432044_7313478142139107931_n 10590655_826449087714_738045889876359735_n10615443_826456702454_3189818015675574514_n

And if beautiful things are not your thing, here’s a puppy:

*Actually, yes.

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