My Favorites: Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

I mentioned in my last post I was preparing for a textile studies conference in LA. Well, conference over.

My presentation was about a textile collection released in 1949 that united six designers/artists to create new textile designs that would be suitable for the emerging new and modern interiors. But don’t worry…you will be able to learn more about that one soon.

But as part of my project, I researched contextual furniture design, art, architecture, and graphic design. (After all, these textiles did not exist in a vacuum.) So in my first installment of “My Favorites”, I wanted to share some of my favorite mid-century modern graphic designs I came across in my studies.

Frankly, I went a little bonkers. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy: bright colors, geometric patterns, a sense of humor and I’m set. And these graphic designers you’ll see below, Elaine Lustig, Tom Eckersley, Paul Rand, and George Nelson, certainly deliver. I am currently in the process of printing some of these prints out, and there is a genuine concern of not having enough wall space.

Here are just a few….

tumblr_n9f05kXPnw1qla0oyo1_1280           eckersley_art_01             tumblr_n8t80sHSlL1qla0oyo1_1280

One thought on “My Favorites: Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

  1. Yea! A new Parrot post. Thank you for sharing some of what you were doing. I was very curious about your presentation, and would love to have seen it. Love you,,and keep posting! Daddy

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