Brace yourself

The first thing that popped in my head when I learned my flight out of Wisconsin was delayed immediately after parking my car at the airport:

“Ugh…I could have worked on my jigsaw puzzle for a whole hour!”

I realize I’m a VERY exciting person.

So, while I wait for my wasted hour to pass, I thought I would share the emotional roller coaster of my inner monologue and her journey with a jigsaw puzzle. You’re welcome:

“Jigsaw puzzle?!! Best day ever! Let’s crack this puppy open! This time I am going to use a system. An awesome system of groups and colors. I wonder if anyone has thought of this system because I’m pretty sure I am revolutionizing jigsaw puzzling. Watch out world! For this is how I make my millions!

“Ok, this is tedious. This system needs to be reworke…OH WAIT! These two go together! No one jigsaw puzzles like me! Take THAT self-doubt!!

And another! If there was an evil villain who kidnapped all the puppies and the only way to save them was to finish this puzzle…I would save. Those. Puppies.

It sure has been awhile since I’ve found a piece. Maybe if I dump out the pieces, I’ll see all the colors faster. (Flips box over) That did not work. And my foolproof, definitely original system is trashed….

Poor kidnapped puppies. This is actually not very fun. I’m pretty sure this piece is to a different puzzle. Did Thomas Kinkade cheat me and give me fake puzzle pieces?!? I should find a different hobby. Or maybe a sport. Yeah…you could find a sport! AND a hobby! You could be a productive member of society!

HANG ON! This piece goes here! Here I come puppies! The world champion puzzle-doer!!! ….Puzzler? Puzzles are the best!!!

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