Possible reasons I haven’t been updating my blog…

1) I now fight crime.

2) I spent the majority of this week trapped in a snow drift.

3) Selective Internet Amnesia. It’s an epidemic.

The real reason? My grown-up-person-adult job occasionally required a grown-up-person-adult.

So as I compile my collection of make-up posts for the coming week, I give you my band of heroes that got me through the past one:

1) My water bottle system.

I realize it makes up 2/3rds of me, but I don’t really love water. I find five dollars in my pocket and immediately think, “Imagine all the diet coke I can get!” (Get out of my way while I start sprinting to the nearest grocery store)

I ALSO realize, however, that water is necessary and diet coke is not only NOT necessary, but may even do a little damage. So I have to trick myself into drinking water. First way I do this? An infuser water bottle. Put all the goodies in the bottom half, and fill ‘er up. My favorite go-to is lime wedges and mint leaves, but you could go with cucumbers slices, pomegranate seeds, raspberries. Go (the appropriate level considering it’s about water bottles) crazy!

IMG_0227             IMG_0374

Second way  – and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out how I can say this and not discredit my master’s degree – make it cuter!* Enter my new Orla Kiely (for Target) water bottle. It’s glass, so no BPA and no weird plastic-y flavors (the scientific term).

While one bottle is infusing, you don’t have to wait, because you’ve got your charming green backup on hand. And when work gets crazy, WATCHOUT, hydrated Meredith is slightly-more-awake-Meredith!

You can find the water bottle on the left and other varieties at UncommonGoods, and the bottle on the right at Target store and online.

2) My Blanket Scarf


It’s winter. And in winter, you hunker down. My blanket scarf is my new hunker-hero. Soft enough that you can still breath, but big enough that you are sure with some creative folding, you could literally hide in it.

My scarf is from Aerie, but for some more unusual patterns, head over to Zara. They’re basically the adult equivalent of a more-cozy-socially-acceptable-security blanket.

3) My Fresh Army


Did you know it’s winter? Well, it is. And when you’re not hunkering you are trying not to let the cold suck you dry. Enter my Fresh Army of champions! I’m not going to lie to you, Fresh products are not inexpensive, but the title of MVP easily goes to the Advanced Therapy lip treatment. I could go into how “it makes me feel like my lips are taking a bath” or “if I got a raise, I would buy a tube to put in every purse and tote I own so I am never without one”, but I think that would make it weird. I’ll just say….it’s good.

Not cheap, but I hunt it down every time I return from being outside.

4) My French Press


No really guys, it’s winter. Now that you’re hydrated, and cocooned in your awesome new blanket scarf, what else could be missing but coffee? And you don’t have to use your french press just for coffee, but that is a post for another day.**

This is a Bodum coffee press, but many varieties can be found.

*Rolls eyes at self.

**Preview: Iced Coffee, infused oils, whipped cream, maracas, pretending you’re a scientist, increasing use of the word carafe in your life…..this list goes on.

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