Bite-Sized History: Mona Lisa on the Move


I’m currently reading R.A. Scotti’s Vanished Smile: The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa. While Scotti accounts the theft, and subsequent investigation, it was chronicle of the painting’s history and European travels that enthralled me as a reader.

In her second century, Mona Lisa took up residence in Versailles in the royal bedroom of Louis XIV, but unfortunately with the King’s passing, her favor did the same. After the king’s death, the painting was relocated to a darkened, abandoned hallway of the palace.

Something to think about: If not for that move, Mona Lisa may have been in the direct path of the mobs that looted the palace during the French Revolution. If she hadn’t been able to wait patiently in a secluded corner of Versailles, we may not have a Mona Lisa left to visit.


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