My theory about numbers and why it bodes well

Get ready guys. I’m about to get introspective. It’ll be fun for no one.

I turn 27 this week! And I’m hopeful. Definitely more hopeful than I was for 26. My life has followed a pattern in it’s even and odd years. Even years, while fine, are always a little unremarkable. Odd years, while occasionally tumultuous, have become the years where things happen. I love a good even number. (Science has proven that 8 is basically the best one), but when an odd year comes along, in this instance my 27th, I can almost feel my life go a little off kilter. I can sense the winds starting to change. Something exciting is coming.

Even years may sit nicely. Odd years are when the action happens.

And I need some action to happen.

All this being said, I am also very realistic. It’s the realism of someone who has had her dreams swatted out of the sky multiple times. Don’t get me wrong, the most recent time the universe swatted me out of the sky and into a stable, well-paying, if profoundly draining job, but I think that dream-swatter is specially made for overly optimistic people in their twenties.

Armed with this now cautious optimism, I realize that change might not happen on my timeline. I need to be ready for that. Many times I can’t see these life-changing events until I am looking back at them. Until I have that perspective, I need some small adventures to keep me moving, so I give you “My 27th Year “let’s be realistically whimsical” Flower Pot List**”


this begonia is losing its mind.

Have a studio-apartment scale harvest: Last year, for all my gardening attempts, I was able to eat one strawberry, and uprooted 9 radishes, forgot about them in the car, and rediscovered them when I was trying to figure out why my car smelled weird. Mark my words, this year will be better. I vow that I will be able to eat at least one tomato, and a small fruit salad worth of strawberries. It’s a small, if sad, improvement.

– Write: Part of the reason my job is particularly draining is as a creative person working in a job pinpointing why software doesn’t work feels like a fish swimming up the most boring stream with no end in sight. I will write. I will write anything. Stupid poems about growing up. Slightly less stupid blog posts about anything that floats by in my brain. Articles about textile history. I will write.

I will travel…somewhere: I have been itching for a trip to Scotland for years. My thesis was from start to finish an examination of Scottish folk culture and it’s influence on early industry, but I’ve never been to Scotland. I’ve imagined it, dreamed about it, read about it, but never been. Here’s the thing. Scotland is expensive. I’m trying to raise money for a trip right now, but I’m not sure how long that will take. Till then, I’m going to try a smaller scale. I might visit nearby states, or even weird roadside attractions in Wisconsin, but until my benefactor decides to show up and give me money for my hilarious jokes, traveling shall be nearby. And that’s ok too.

– Cooking: I backslide into the diet of a grad student astonishingly quickly. Exhibit A: I am currently eating salsa with a spoon. I have a list of things I’d like to learn to cook, but that may be a post on its own. For now, I will say, the first item on my list is a really good pineapple upside down cake.

– Reading: In 2013, I started translating Harry Potter A L’Ecole de Sorcerciers (Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) into English as an attempt to learn French. When I got the job I’m in now, that mission fell by the wayside, and I forgot all the French I learned in the meantime. I’d like to finish it. Oui. C’est vrai.

This is the very silly start of a very silly list, but sometimes, you need to know you’re moving. When I’m about to turn 29, I will look back and understand the significance of my foray into IT, wondering what is coming next, but for now, I will look upon 27 not knowing what’s coming, able to return to my job that continues to wear on me, knowing that this job is not my life. It’s not my life, and it won’t be for life. Till the next things comes, I will just eat my homegrown tomatoes and master the fine art of dessert-making.

*Science=my general, but unwavering and inexplicable love of the number 8. You guys! It’s a cube, 2x2x2. Flip is sideways and it’s infinity! It’s the best one.

**In honor of my not-yet-dead-Garden, instead of a bucket list, I have a flower pot list. THAT’S HOW OPTIMISTIC WE ARE.

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