Monday Musings

In honor of the Tate Modern exhibition dedicated to one of my favorite textile designers and artists, Sonia Delaunay, I give you your Monday “Something Pretty”, a textile design ca. 1920.

Happy Monday, guys. We got through another one. And in honor of this momentous occasion, the rambling train of thoughts of Monday-Meredith:

1) “I wonder if I ask nicely, my office mate would get me a cup of coffee? Probably not. I can get my own coffee. Or maybe I can shriek, and startle her into getting me coffee….I can get my own coffee.”

2) “Is it a fact of the universe that a healthy dinner requires dirtying five dishes on average?”

3) “I wonder where I could find a block of cheese within a ten minute walk of my office?”

4) “Is there anything interesting about lawn grass? Probably. I’d have to find a grass scientist. Where can I find a grass scientist? They’re probably not called grass scientists.”

5) “New bucket list item. Make stretch pants acceptable in the workplace.”

6) “I wonder if I could unfreeze my computer with the power of my mind. If I concentrate hard enough, this could be the day I tap into m X-Men powers and discover I’m actually destined to be great at computers….One of these days, that will work.”

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