Getting all Thankful

Turkey TrotHey guys.

Every time I return from a longer-than-ideal quiet period with the blog, I always feel like I should explain my absence, but the truth is: I have a day job that makes me tired! And chances are, you also have a day job that makes you tired! Day jobs and being tired for all! And until I find someone who will fund my whimsical blog (or just leave a box full of money laying around), my day job that makes me tired is here to stay!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a list of things I’m thankful for, or “things for which I am thankful” if you’re correct, while still being a little obnoxious:

  • My day job that makes me tired. You make me tired and a little bit crazy, but you fund my sour straw and plaid scarf purchasing (and also the “things I need to live” purchasing).
  • Pie.
  • Wool socks that don’t have holes in the toes. (I’ve recently learned to fix hole-y socks, so this is soon to be all of the socks!)
  • Comfy pants. No one loves you like comfy pants. They’ll still be there for you when none of your clothes fit due to too much pie.
  • My new hair conditioner. You made my new short hair cut stop standing straight out. You’re the real hero.
  • My easy access to grocery stores. You guys hold the pie! (And the rest of the food for being a person.)
  • Google. How else would I learn history facts or whether that twinge in my side is imminent death or VERY imminent death?
  • The health benefits from my day job that makes me tired. You help me learn that my twinge is just a twinge. (Thanks for nothing, Internet.)
  • My family. For saying, “Oh, I get that twinge too” and making me feel better. Also, for generally just making me feel better.
  • Cake. NOPE! Just kidding. Pie.

Thanks for everything, guys.

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