Live-blogging! That’s a thing!

Every year, my family runs in the annual Turkey Trot 5K. Every year, I say, “next year will be the great year where I train and run and win!”

Every year that doesn’t happen, and that has never been truer than this year. It’s tradition, you guys. Tradition. And I decided since I will be waddling along at a drunk turkey’s pace, I’ll talk to you guys!

The race starts in 15 minutes. Let’s see what happens!

  Also! I’ve never live-blogged! So if this post disappears, I decided it’s weird. Or I died.

9:15: first song on my playlist: 
 Way to deliver, shuffle!

9:28: this is the point in the race when I catch up to the runners who started walking. I’m trying to avoid yelling, “these are my people!!”


9:38: I need an exit strategy because this is the worst.

9:42: Chickens!!


I’m not posting the time because I trust you all to have basic number crunching skills: 



9:51: I’m just listening to “Be Prepared” on repeat on this point.

I also almost just got hit by a car because I was distracted by the live-blogging, but also, 5K, guy. Get it together.

9:54: in starting to see people who have finished, which is a good sign, but why do they still seem to be running around?

9:56: my dad just got a video of me walking, realizing he was taking a video then start  running and smiling. My life is a lie.

Unspecified time later: FINISHED! And aside from the horrible parts, I feel better having done it! I can’t wait for the next year which is the great year, where I train and run and win!

Honorable mention:


These were the stairs I vomited on two years ago while definitly running. History.  

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