National Day of….

Evidently, today is National Polka Dot Day. polka-dot-police-women


Does anyone else find this kind of superfluous? I like polka dots as much as the next person who really likes polka dots, but do they need a day? Last time I checked, you could wear polka dots whenever you wanted. They’re circles, guys. Just wear them.

Admittedly other motifs get their own day. Tartan Day is observed on April 6th, and it commemorates Scottish heritage. National Seersucker Day is celebrated June 11th in honor of seersucker manufacturers throughout the South.

But Polka Dot Day? They’ve been around for a while. They can be woven or printed. They aren’t manufactured by any one group of people. They’re polka dots. I don’t get it.

On an unrelated note, after a little research, I’ve discovered that my birthday is National Cellophane Tape Day. Awesome? The closest the internet can pinpoint to a date of invention is the 1930s, so why May 27th? I don’t get it, you guys! National Day of Confused, amiright?

Who designates these days as particularly polka-dotty? Does everything have a day? What do I have to do to make a “National Day of ________” day? Because I have ideas, you guys!

  • National Day of Buying Colorful Workout Clothes – January 2nd
  • National Day of Buying Regular Workout Clothes When You’re Too Embarrassed to Wear the Colorful Ones in your Apartment Gym Which Equates to Three Treadmills – January 7th
  • National Day of “bloggers wearing long johns because it’s snowing and the week has been hard, so be nice to her, ok?” – January 22nd
  • National Day of Prank-Plotting – March 29th
  • National Day of Remembering Those Pranks you were Plotting – April 1
  • National Day of Hoping Your Coworkers Remember You Don’t Actually Like Chocolate Cake for Your Birthday – May 26th
  • National Day of Flip-Flop Sounds – June 28nd
  • National Day of Being Startled by things in the sky- July 4th
  • National Day of Wishing You Were Buying School Supplies, but Why Do You Need Dividers? – August 5th
  • National Day of Sour Straw Binging – September 27th
  • National Day of Sore Gums from Sour Straw Binging – September 28th
  • National Day of Jaunty Scarves – October 11th
  • National Day of Not Jaunty Scarves, But That One Scarf You Wear Too Much – November 19th
  • National Day of Wishing You Bought More Cellophane Tape – December 22nd

They’re great, right? And just as meaningful as National Polka Dot Day! If not more so. Actually, definitely more so.

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