Review: Try the World subscription

“SWEDEN BOX!” I yelled at my coworker as we were walking to the parking lot. He just asked me if I was doing anything fun tonight.

Don’t worry. He was confused too.

Recently I got a subscription to the monthly service Try the World for my birthday. Every month they send you a box full of foods and recipes from a different country.

I love a good snack, and you’re telling me I not only get a snack, but I get a cultured snack? It’s like Flaming Hot Cheetos got their degree in Art History? Salt & Vinegar chips that listen to NPR? It’s perfect!

Except it’s actually not at all like that. It’s actually really cool! I’ve spent the last week googling, “Try the World boxes”, “Try the World reviews”, “Try the World what’s in them”, “where is my Try the World box”, “Try the World what do you mean I need a life?” Really purposeful and effective googling.

I’ve refreshed my UPS tracking information at least once an hour, every waking hour for three days. Even Sunday. Because what if the postmen want to see what’s in Sweden box too?!

They didn’t.

But today, my Sweden box finally arrived!


This is my excuse to work my patio garden into a post. It also helps that my patio furniture is currently my cleanest furniture.

The boxes come in a surprisingly sturdy, delightfully colored box, and this thing is packed.


The inventory:

  • Nordic rosehip fudge
  • Gille double chocolate crisps
  • Mörsjö Deli flatbread crisps
  • Tillman’s elderflower daft syrup
  • Lakritsfabriken sweet licorice
  • Hafi lingonberry jam
  • Liss Ellas sweet and hot mustard
  • Lofbergs ground coffee
  • A Sweden culture guide that gives shows you a map of where your goodies come from, how Swedes eat them, different Swedish recipes, and even a link to a playlist of Swedish music

The culture guide is tucked into the lid of the box. And is also adorable.

Gut reaction…


I actually couldn’t wait to crack open the crackers.

What I’m most excited about: The fancy crackers gourmet crisps! Or the mustard! Maybe the coffee! Too many choices! SWEDEN BOX!

What I’m less excited about: The licorice. Sorry, licorice.

What I’ll probably be surprised by: The double chocolate crisps. I don’t love chocolate, but these look like they’re destined to be best friends with the coffee.

What I don’t know what to do with: The elderflower syrup. What even is an elderflower? I probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out of an aged-floral line up. #respectyourelderflower

And after a slow graze, the predictions mostly pan out:

The Winner: The crisps! As I suspected!

A little history lesson: Swedish women have been baking barley flatbread for thousands of years. To revive stale pieces, women would cook them in oil. These crackers are made utilizing similar methods to keep that tradition going. Thanks, culture guide!

The One I’m Going to Share with My Coworkers: The licorice. Sorry, licorice. (And also, my coworkers.) I’ll admit, I tried it, and it wasn’t as horrible as one would expect out of something that looks like a science experiment, but why eat a science experiment, when you could eat delicious crackers?

The One I Continue to Not Know What to do With: The elderflower syrup….Stay tuned?

I knew from all the googling that these boxes were full, and there was a culture guide to explain everything. But I’m really impressed! I have to admit, these are the things I knew about Sweden before today: It’s one of those countries up there with the other countries that are also up there. End of list.

Not only do I know more about the country, but I have a whole box of snacks to go with my new box-learning.

What more could a girl ask for?*

*A trip to Sweden. I could ask for that.

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