The Drawing Board

I have different laughs for different occasions, and make no mistake, all of them are weird. Probably the one that gets the most attention, for obvious reasons, is what I like to call the Thirsty Pterodactyl.


When the giggles capture me, I devolve into a silent, red-faced laugh that steals my ability to breath and shows off my major forehead veins. When my lungs get desperate, and say, “umm…team. The joke wasn’t that good, and I need to get some air time here,” I start emitting these high-pitched pterodactyl attack screeches when I try to get a breath in. And if you’re really lucky, it can come in short spurts, the likes of which you only hear when incessantly pulling a straw in and out of a to-go cup. And there you have, the Thirsty Pterodactyl.

It’s been hard to laugh lately. Today I learned there will be a white-nationalist in the White House as chief strategist to the president. So, that’s a thing.

That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for humor, much less for a light-hearted blog. The good news is, women have a long tradition of making room for themselves when we think we need it, and I need to laugh.

Unfortunately, this is the current state of the blog-idea drawing board…

  • Unsolved Mysteries: Where did that mandarin orange slice I accidentally dropped on the floor go?
  • “Has something died inside of me?”: The olfactory dangers of brussels sprouts
  • Student Loans!: Still a thing!
  • Foods that Rhyme with Fickle
  • State Capitols that I know
  • Things that Love You More Than Comfy Pants: Nothing! Do you think this is a game?!
  • Who Will Bring Me a Burrito?
  • Ways to convince People to Bring you a Burrito
  • Where is my burrito?

I mean, it’s a fine list, but it mostly just tells me that I want a burrito and dabble in food-rhyming. Naturally. Still feeling a little gutted, and my gut wasn’t that healthy to begin with.

So, maybe not today. I’m going to keep trying though, if for no other reason than I like it here. This blog is therapy for me, and I hope it brings a moment of levity for you. Goodness knows our Facebook news feeds are volatile places these days.

Me and my pterodactyl are here to stay, and we’ll be brainstorming for the future. Just a woman and her laughter-pterodactyl making all kinds of noise.

And by the way, I feel like there has to be some symbolism in the fact that the missing orange was under my shoe.


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