You made it weird: History’s Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week! That may mean different things for different people, but like always, we can trust history to be weird about it. (And not for the obvious reasons.)

Childen of the Cornucopia: “Would you prefer to be murdered before or after pie?”

What a beautiful turke-OH MY GOSH HER HANDS!

Giant hatchets and giant turkeys and women who are fine with it. Just things that are normal.

Part 1: “I am sad I lost the turkey I was hunting. I better not look up to see why this tree is gobbling.”

Part 2:”It’s ok! I’m still a good person!”

A charming scene till you get to the autopsy on the table.

Not the weirdest, by far. I was struck, however by the arm strength it would take to carry a turkey at that height. Or is that just me? Are everyone’s arms worthless noodles?

This is what true friendship is.

OKAY! Let’s dissect this one a little bit. What we have here is one of Charles Gibson’s “Gibson girls” carrying a baby on a tray.

I have tried to determine what is actually going on here, but the internet hasn’t been incredibly helpful. This is the Meredith theory:

Gibson Girls were fictional figures in pop culture that represented new ideas of womanhood that were emerging at the turn of the century. These women were bold and modern and athletic, and didn’t follow the norms that were set out for them. Given that, I’m assuming that this particular illustration is a statement about the disregard for “family life” as these women were known above all for their independence? Or the baby represents the birth of all of our thanks we’re going to give? Or maybe it’s just about eating babiesIT’S PROBABLY NOT ABOUT EATING BABIES.

I don’t know, man. I’d like to. It’s just very very weird.

On a separate note, I think Gibson Girl illustrations are fascinating. If this is your first, they don’t all have undertones of cannibalism. One could actually argue that most don’t.

No witty comment, just a friendly reminder to wear your fur capes when selecting your turkey from the turkey closet.

Hipster turkey has us beat in the fashion department by 80 years.


I have so many questions. Primarily, is this the best outfit to wear to hunt, shoot, dress, and cook a turkey? Have I been embarrassing myself this whole time?

I’d like to know more about this narrative…

Who are you saluting? What is this? Where am I?

Appropriate facial expression when faced with a five foot tall turkey.

Everything in this picture is historically accurate.

For more weird history, check out You Made it Weird: History’s Halloween.

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