Snow Day

“Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.”

I am a card-carrying introvert, so there is special, leave-me-alone joy in getting to spend some time at home. I get to read! And write! And paint! And watch cool movies while you read and write and paint! You know, like a proper hermit!

On the other hand, I don’t handle forced cocooning very well at all. If it’s snow that’s locking me inside, cabin fever starts inching into my periphery, and who can read and write and paint when you just need to get out of your apartment?! No my eye isn’t twitching! Your eye is twitching!

Looking out my window, there is what scientists call, a “stupid” amount of snow on the ground. And we’re supposed to get another foot next weekend.

Bing Crosby was all like, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”

And Wisconsin was all like, “shut it, Bing. I’m on it. Dreams are for nerds.”

I’ve done some very unproductive things in the last 24 hours to try and not recreate The Shining: Studio Apartment Edition.

I’ve played a lot of Plant vs. Zombies 2.

If you haven’t played this game or the original, it follows a homeowner, Crazy Dave, defending his house against a hoard of zombies using weaponized plants. Any questions? No! I didn’t think so!

This is Crazy Dave.

I started playing Plants vs. Zombies years ago, and having beat the game, it didn’t really enter my “things Meredith could be doing” list again till recently when I learned there was a sequel.

I wish I could unlearn that there was a sequel. This game is addictive. Like, I’ve-stopped-reading addictive. Like not-cleaning-my-apartment addictive. Like pile-is-an-acceptable-form-of-storage addictive. Realizing that I was spending too much time playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 and realizing that I was at risk of suffering from laundry-pile-drowning, I decided to delete the app, but when I sat down to delete it, muscle memory had me playing the game for the next 30 minutes. I still haven’t deleted it.

The good news: I also still haven’t died from laundry-pile-drowning! Silver lining!

I promise I’ll delete it.

I mostly promise I’ll delete it.

Watched some really great Christmas movies.

If you find yourself struggling to find a perfect Christmas movie to watch on Netflix- or if you’ve watched White Christmas 6 times, and Christmas with the Kranks twice- consider Spirit of Christmas.

There was just a lot of chemistry on set.

Who can resist a plot line like this: A woman falls in love with a ghost! And it’s Christmas! That’s not weird, right?

It was weird. The main character is a young woman who is in charge of getting an inn appraised when the owner passes, but lo and behold! There’s a stubborn ghost who won’t let her pass on ownership of the Inn! This ghost, for unknown reasons, returns to the inn every year the twelve days before Christmas. See what they did there? She decides to help the ghost move on, but along the way, romance happens! With a ghost! Romance with a ghost!

That is the correct face, old-timey ghost.

My list of things that are holding this back from being a true classic:

  1. The ghost was not of the past, present, future, or holy variety. These are the ghosts you typically associate with Christmas. And if you’re choosing to expand the ghost-repetoire of a holiday, Christmas is a weird candidate. Try Arbor Day.
  2. The ghost in question is from the twenties. You see, you can tell from his perpetually vested outfit. He speaks in a way, however, that reminds you of a robot with a word-a-day calendar. I think the author thought the best way to convey “old-timey” was to shoot for fanciness. And fanciness means using long words and eliminating all contractions. “I heard the opening and slamming of doors, and came running at once. I will not let anything happen to you. For you see, I have been programmed to emote in your vicinity.” I added that last part.
  3. At one point, the ghost has to use the security code to get into the Inn. If I’ve learned anything from all ghosts movies, it’s that 1) ghost physics is an exact science, and 2) according to ghost physics, they don’t need a security code to get into buildings.
  4. Christmas-Ghost-Movie-Spoiler-Alert: In all of this, you might be asking yourself, “she’s in love with a ghost. But ghosts are ghosts, and people shouldn’t fall in love with them.” That’s very astute of you. Don’t worry, at the end of the movie, he is brought back! Because of love or something! We never get to know! You know it’s real because he’s not wearing his vest.

“A sweater! I get to wear a sweater!”

Went on a Walk

Ok. I had a RedBox movie I had to return, and I was not going to wait another day and pay the $1.50 for Star Trek Beyond. We all have to draw our line in the sand somewhere.

After digging around in my closet for my boots- long enough to find Narnia and the White Witch to tell me, “good luck, girl. It’s nasty out there”- I finally found them.

And just as I was marching outside, bracing for a fight with the elements, the accumulation of ten hours of snow, patting myself on the back for both my bravery and my good financial decisions (saving $1.50 to later spend on more unicorn notebooks), I looked around and remembered when I saw the small family walking their golden retriever, this is Wisconsin. All this snow, and they didn’t even blink.

That did not stop me from taking a series of selfies as I pretended to be a character in a dystopian novel who has to make it through the snow because I’m carrying to secret ingredient to cure the zombie hoard that is plaguing my family’s farmland!

Picture 1: We’ll never make it! There are too many zombies! Picture 2: But what if I walk around them, but sneaky-like? Picture 3: I think I’m probably going to save everyone.

And with that paragraph right there, I’ll be deleting Plants vs. Zombies 2!

At least after I finish this level.

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