You Made it Weird: History’s Easter


Would you really trust a naked child to sell you a quality hat? They can’t find quality pants.


Just normal Easter traditions. Devils and stuff.



This is how I enter meetings at work. People love it and me. I’m 45% sure of it.

Fun fact: this is my actual bathing suit.

“But like, what about another bunny?”

Somewhere there is a chicken that is destroying small villages.


“Work hard or hardly working?” “Shut up, Jim.”



This is the dance of my people. Yes, we have lots of friends.



“What’re you doing this weekend??” “Oh, you know. Reading and stuff. Why?” “Wanna be creepy with me?”


Rupert spent the entire ride to the market practicing his hump day joke, wondering where his dream of being a volcanologist went. When did he get so old?

I prefer my Easter Greetings to come from Rooster-Man hybrids.


“Early each day on the steps of St. Paul, the little old bird woman comes…and is super weird about it.”



Just another Tuesday in my apartment, I guess




What, like you haven’t been to Wyoming?


I’m going to steal this dance move. Just FYI.

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