You Made it Weird: History’s Fourth of July



My bell was at the cleaners today, so I just wore a coffee stained t-shirt and leggings as pants. Equally, if not more, patriotic, I say.


When you hear there’s cake in the break room.

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Motivation Monday: When Someone Says You Can’t…


Loomis Dean, 1948. Life Magazine Photo Collection/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. Someone in your life says, “you’ll never ride a headboard bicycle! You’ll only ride normal bicycles.”

But if you work hard and believe in the power of your dreams, you will ride that headboard bicycle.

The Kevin Costner sports movie writes itself.

You Made it Weird: History’s Lessons on Life [Probably]

Life Magazine Photo Archive

This picture is either:

  • A teacher’s wicked prank trying to get to summer vacation
  • Students exhibiting a metaphor for the human condition (I’m pretty sure we’re all running around with metaphorical boxes on our heads. Honestly, it’s a pretty heavy lesson for 5th graders, but the Sixties were a dark time.)
  • Students learning about eclipses

You Made it Weird: History’s Easter


Would you really trust a naked child to sell you a quality hat? They can’t find quality pants.


Just normal Easter traditions. Devils and stuff.



This is how I enter meetings at work. People love it and me. I’m 45% sure of it.

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Reading Recommendation: Dead Feminists

I will eternally beat the drum for women’s history. And when I say “drum,” that could be an actual drum. Or a book against my desk. Or my shoe against the wall.  The world is my women’s history drum! That’s definitely a phrase people say!

There have been so many fascinating, pioneering, challenging women that we never get to hear about. And these days we need to hear about them. It’s important to hear, to be reminded, that history has happened at the hands of a woman.

For Christmas I received the book Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines in Living Color. It’s a collection of letterpress posters and brief biographies devoted to both impactful women throughout history.

It’s at this point I feel I should mention, I realize many people take issue with the word ‘feminist.’ To those people I say stop it ….I really can’t help you…I understand there are many  misconceptions. For most feminists, it’s not about female domination (is that what people who don’t like feminists think? I honestly don’t understand),  it’s about equal rights. And if you hear us getting angry, chances are someone is trying to compromise just that. Plain and simple. Ok? Ok. Moving on.

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You Made it Weird: History’s Christmas Part II

Never underestimate the power of history to keep weirding everybody out.

Frosty prefers water. His mom and Michael Bloomberg have talked to him a lot about the dangers of soda.

“I don’t care what Pinterest says. This party is weirding me out.”

Fun fact: This is actually how I bring the boys to my yard.

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You Made it Weird: History’s Christmas

This means he’s a professor right? He teaches there? That’s what this means, right?

It’s like that old phrase, “give the open flames to the gang of singing babies.”

An army of Santas….It’s probably fine and normal.

Or my New York apartment, am I right?!

Demonstrating my favorite dance move, the creepy wise man.

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