Turning Almost-Thirty In a World of “Do This Before your Thirty…”


John Dominis, 1968. LIFE Picture Collection.


I turn 29 this week!

I’ve got one year till I turn 30- trust me. I’ve crunched the numbers– so I found myself googling those “things you must do/read/try/remember/see before you’re 30” lists just to see how well I’m doing.

Some notable items from these lists:

  • Run a marathon – I’m not doing that.
  • Forgive your parents – I’m more hoping my parents forgive me. I’ve been an expensive child.
  • Own a decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family – Where is the furniture decency rubric? Who do you think you are? The furniture police? Who gets to say what decent furniture is? FYI, I’m sitting on the floor, so it probably isn’t me.

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