You Made it Weird: History’s Lessons on Life [Probably]

Life Magazine Photo Archive

This picture is either:

  • A teacher’s wicked prank trying to get to summer vacation
  • Students exhibiting a metaphor for the human condition (I’m pretty sure we’re all running around with metaphorical boxes on our heads. Honestly, it’s a pretty heavy lesson for 5th graders, but the Sixties were a dark time.)
  • Students learning about eclipses

You Made it Weird: History’s Christmas Part II

Never underestimate the power of history to keep weirding everybody out.

Frosty prefers water. His mom and Michael Bloomberg have talked to him a lot about the dangers of soda.

“I don’t care what Pinterest says. This party is weirding me out.”

Fun fact: This is actually how I bring the boys to my yard.

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