Weekend Plans: Girl Gang

Still from “Peter Pan,” 1929.

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes brunch with the girls gets weird.


You Made it Weird: History’s Fourth of July



My bell was at the cleaners today, so I just wore a coffee stained t-shirt and leggings as pants. Equally, if not more, patriotic, I say.


When you hear there’s cake in the break room.

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You Made it Weird: History’s Easter


Would you really trust a naked child to sell you a quality hat? They can’t find quality pants.


Just normal Easter traditions. Devils and stuff.



This is how I enter meetings at work. People love it and me. I’m 45% sure of it.

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You Made it Weird: History’s Valentine’s Day

I’ll say it. I’d wear that jacket.¬†

I like her style. “I can clap on beat, and will date you now!”

When implementing this seduction¬†tactic, I’ll admit, navigating bars, restaurants, or water parks can be difficult. The good news is it’s not weird and definitely works.¬†

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