Motivation Monday: When Someone Says You Can’t…


Loomis Dean, 1948. Life Magazine Photo Collection/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. Someone in your life says, “you’ll never ride a headboard bicycle! You’ll only ride normal bicycles.”

But if you work hard and believe in the power of your dreams, you will ride that headboard bicycle.

The Kevin Costner sports movie writes itself.

Motivation Not-Quite-Monday: The Keys to Success Brought to You by DJs, Lions, and One Arthritic Basset Hound

This week a fellow book lover and I, in an effort to recuperate from a work week that got too big for its britches, took to the bookstore. I mean, after drowning our sorrows in fish tacos, but I also tend to drown my happiness in fish tacos.

I’ll be honest. I don’t need an excuse for tacos.

Or bookstores for that matter, but given the last few weeks had me feeling a little pale both inside and out, it was a good week to go through the Favorite Things checklist.

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This week’s inspiration: Women’s Timber Corps

WTC1 I am not looking forward to this week. Not even a little bit. But the week is coming, so I guess we all have to buckle up. My inspiration for this week is the Women’s Timber Corps. This was the organization formed during the second world war to employ women in the field of forestry. Basically, Rosie the Riveter’s outdoorsy cousin. As you can imagine, this was not easy work. These women, typically recruited in their late teens, knocked down trees, transported the timber to the sawmill, and processed the timber at the mill. I hope my officemate is excited for my new war cry as I tackle a difficult assignment. Who wouldn’t love their office mate yelling, “TIMBER” as she furiously types at her computer?