Motivation Monday: When Someone Says You Can’t…


Loomis Dean, 1948. Life Magazine Photo Collection/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. Someone in your life says, “you’ll never ride a headboard bicycle! You’ll only ride normal bicycles.”

But if you work hard and believe in the power of your dreams, you will ride that headboard bicycle.

The Kevin Costner sports movie writes itself.

You Made it Weird: History’s Lessons on Life [Probably]

Life Magazine Photo Archive

This picture is either:

  • A teacher’s wicked prank trying to get to summer vacation
  • Students exhibiting a metaphor for the human condition (I’m pretty sure we’re all running around with metaphorical boxes on our heads. Honestly, it’s a pretty heavy lesson for 5th graders, but the Sixties were a dark time.)
  • Students learning about eclipses

You made it weird: History’s Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week! That may mean different things for different people, but like always, we can trust history to be weird about it. (And not for the obvious reasons.)

Childen of the Cornucopia: “Would you prefer to be murdered before or after pie?”

What a beautiful turke-OH MY GOSH HER HANDS!

Giant hatchets and giant turkeys and women who are fine with it. Just things that are normal.

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