Review: Try the World Spain box

Tonight I got home from work planning on logging my time for the entire month of August. I am a job-haver!

As it turns out, I am also a package-haver.

I had one package from my lovely parents. It was chock-full of German treats from their recent trip to Deutschland.

I had another package from Try the World, the monthly subscription box that sends you snacks, sauces, and treats from another country. This month is Spain! Spain box!

As it also turns out, I am also a culture-haver!

The German bag became a guessing game called, “I wonder what that word means….”

Top left: I’m not sure about scharf, but it’s definitely extra. 

Top right: Haaaazlenut wafer treat? Is ‘rezeptor’ German for hazelnut wafer treat?

Bottom left: The natural mascot for salami- Robin Hood and a soccer playing fox.

Bottom right: Because I think it’s a solid life choice to avoid drinking mysterious liquids, I will probably end up Googling this one. For now, one can only assume it’s a potion for something. That’s the only thing one can assume.

But because I’m not reviewing my parents,** let’s chat about Try the World.

I was given a sixth month order for my birthday, and Spain box marks month #4. I’m already a little bummed that I only have two months left. The boxes are fun monthly surprises. You get more food than you would expect. The food is better than the Flaming Hot Cheetos you were eating before. What more do you want?

And Spain looks like it might be my favorite yet!

The inventory:

  • Espinaler canned mussels
  • Oleum Hispania Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • El Navarrico Tumaca sauce
  • El Avion paprika
  • P. Listo Jam
  • Turron El Almendro
  • Ines Rosales citrus crumble cakes
  • The Spain culture guide

Gut reaction…

What I’m most excited about: I love paprika so much! Plus my new paprika comes in a charming collectible tin. You know what they say…nothing turns the day around like a charming collectible tin! The tumaca sauce also looks like it has potential. And by “potential”, I mean it looks like something I would eat with a spoon.

What I’m less excited about: I’m pretty excited about everything? I feel like Spain box is teaching me about having an attitude fantastico!

What I’ll probably be surprised by: The mussels. They could go wrong, but I love pickled things enough to be intrigued by pickled mussels. Currently, the intrigue is outweighing the fear. (I’m telling you, Spain box is making a new person out of me!)

What I don’t know what to do with: While I’m totally down to try them, how do you try mussels in pickled sauce? The culture guide says to eat them on their own or as a pizza topping. I’m having a hard time envisioning both, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, culture guide. This time….

The culture guide tucked in the lid. Both well-designed AND educational. Live the dream, culture guide!

Review: Guys, I really love Try the World. Eternally antsy, it provides an exotic outlet every month to shake up the routine. The one downside is they occasionally repeat boxes for those who haven’t yet received some of the company’s more popular ones.

Eh- it’s a box of snacks. I think we’re all doing ok.


**They’re mine! Back off!