Tinsel Tuesday: The Nutcracker

Periodically when researching I’ll stumble on something that’s just too good not to share. Bonus points if it’s festive! No advice, no pearls of wisdom- I’m definitely, pretty much, mostly very certain those are reasons you all decide to stop by- just something cool I thought was worth sharing. This week, let’s look at art created for The Nutcracker throughout history.

Opernhaus Zurich, 1993. Art by Mario Botta

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Tuesday Helmet: First Day Back From a Long Weekend

Still from Wonder Woman, 1975

The Tuesday Helmet: when Tuesday gets too big for its britches and you need to wear protective gear.

 And because more superheroes need to worry about safety in the workplace.

Good luck this week, team.

You Made it Weird: History’s Valentine’s Day

I’ll say it. I’d wear that jacket. 

I like her style. “I can clap on beat, and will date you now!”

When implementing this seduction tactic, I’ll admit, navigating bars, restaurants, or water parks can be difficult. The good news is it’s not weird and definitely works. 

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Photo of the Week: Dali’s Second Down

“Portrait of Salvador Dali with an American football helmet” by Phillippe Halsman, Musee de l’Elysee. Magnum Photos

  1. Including the phrase “second down” in the title wiped out most of my working football knowledge. Quarterback. There. That’s all of it.
  2. Happy Superbowl Sunday!