Tinsel Tuesday: The Nutcracker

Periodically when researching I’ll stumble on something that’s just too good not to share. Bonus points if it’s festive! No advice, no pearls of wisdom- I’m definitely, pretty much, mostly very certain those are reasons you all decide to stop by- just something cool I thought was worth sharing. This week, let’s look at art created for The Nutcracker throughout history.

Opernhaus Zurich, 1993. Art by Mario Botta

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You Made it Weird: History’s Halloweens II

As it turns out, there’s enough weird in history for a second look at History’s Halloween. Missed the first? Check it out here.

When people ask about my Friday night plans…


Image: Sandra Dee, ca. 1960. Getty Images

Making a Pumpkin-House a Pumpkin-Home

Image: Myrna Dell, ca. 1940. Public domain.

“You know, I feel like you just reach a point in your life where you have to buy investment pieces when you’re furnishing your pumpkin.”

My Five Year Plan

Photo: June Marlowe, ca. 1930. Public Domain

Next step: Figure out why my car is making that one noise, then take over the world.
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Spooky Sunday: It’s not weird!

Skinless Frankfurters or Wieners ad, ca. 1960s.

We’re half way through October, so it might be the point in the month where you start making your Halloween plans. Have you considered a Weeny Witch party? Don’t you love “barrels of fun”? It’s my favorite unit of fun!

And ok, my ideal party is just me dancing around, scream-singing the soundtrack to Newsies in my pajamas, eating shrimp tacos, so maybe my idea of a barrel of fun doesn’t include anthropomorphized wieners. But look at their faces! They seem into it!

Your friends won’t think it’s weird. They might say, “this is weird,” but they’re not thinking it.

Spooky Sunday: Am I helping??



“That’s the perfect place for a showdown of mythical creatures! On the ground a foot to the left! Wouldn’t want you to move or anything!”

Promotional still from Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, 1943. Universal Pictures.


The Return of Spooky Sundays!


“All my friends were like, ‘it’s not a good look. Don’t do it.’ And then I was like, ‘gimme that toilet paper!’ And I was right. And I’m pretty mostly sure I was right….Guys, I don’t think I was right. How do I get out of this?”

Welcome to the second round of Spooky Sundays! For last year’s, check them out here.

Photo: Behind the scenes Frankenstein, 1931.

Weekend Plans: Labor Day Edition

When you remember you don’t have to work today, you must find your best pair of kickin’ jeans. And if you can’t find them, I’m sure Target keeps their kickin’ jeans well stocked.

Just don’t ask for kicking jeans. And don’t even think about binding your legs. Talk about embarrassing.